“Bring your G String – No strings attached!”

...the notice in the Free Press read.

Good craic, a great community and plenty of interesting humans crossed our door! Music is our glue, it knows no boundaries, transcends all generations and nationalities and puts a fire in your belly.

Up and coming events and visits, ceilidhs and parties (that we know of - many are impromptu!) are posted on our What's On page which changes daily and loads of impromptu sessions, bring your own instruments or use ours. 

Pipers, fiddles, Ossiach storytellers, bellydancers, puppeteers, jugglers, poets, banjo players, guitar strummers, singers and a medley of friends, Mr Hunter, Soor Grapes, the Disclaimers, Harem Scarem, Daimh, and those whose music we remember but there names we don’t!

We welcomed stragglers from a highland tour of the S.C.O. and the infamous members of  McFalls Chamber Orchestra  with sweet Sua on the Cello, Davie Donaldson fae Dundee dropped in on his way to Drew’s and all the rest. Each brought their own personalities to the place and shaped what it is today. Those that came shared new tunes, new dances, new songs, we passed on what we knew, a rammy, a medley, a wake, a party, a ceilidh, organised never, impromptu always.

We acquired a cello courtesy of a nail painting exercise funded by Clive and Coffee Charlie! one for another day and donated by Dave, possibly the best roadie the SCO ever had.  Theres 2 fiddles, 3 guitars, shaky eggs, bodhran, triangle, bongos, whistles, button box and other percussion instruments that have traversed the globe, rain sticks, nuts and more. Spoons and unicycle for the musically challenged. How difficult could it be to get a piano tuner to Knoydart?

Over a few refreshments we thrashed out the bones of an idea for a music festival at the Forge and as the night drew in the drinks grew sweeter and the staff got better looking we said we would do a CD.. and we did - “Jam” . You can listen to our CD "Jam" by clicking onto our Shop and then hitting the music option bar on the left for sneak previews of 5 Jam tracks. The CD is on our online shop Music features, it figures given terrestrial TV is relatively novel here. You're more likely to hear, “so what do you play?” before you're asked your name and a pint is thrust in one hand and a guitar in the other.

The Old Forge, Inverie, Knoydart, Mallaig, PH41 4PL